Cemetery Walk

 One of our most popular Programs is the “Cemetery Walk” wherein students from the Randleman High School Drama Class portray various citizens who are buried in the museum cemetery. Each student tells the audience a brief history about the particular citizen they are portraying. Click “Here” for a video of this program.

Ruby Lassiter Culver

Ruby Lassiter Culver and her husband Alton were one of the founding members of the North Randolph Historical Society (a/k/a the St. Paul Museum). Following E. W. Freeze, Jr., as treasurer, Ruby was treasurer for the society for many years. Ruby was a great resource of Randolph County history drawing from experiences and knowledge acquired throughout her lifetime. In 2016, Louise Hudson interviewed Ruby and click Here for a video of this interview.

Tommy McDonald Reminisces about the History of Sports in Randleman

Tommy McDonald spoke about the history of Randleman sports starting in the 1950’s. Tommy, who has been a sports announcer for 32 years, said he was encouraged by former Randleman High School principal Harold Davis following the third football championship games to try announcing a game. He did and the rest is history.

Tommy’s interest in baseball began in the mid-1950s as bat boy for the famed Deep River League. He remembers when high school sports consisted only of football, baseball and basketball. Sports in Randleman/Randolph County have grown to include an array of teams, men and women. Through the years of sports announcing McDonald has become known as the Voice of The Tigers.

Click “Here” for the video of Tommy’s reminisces.